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and friends with a lot to say about the soldier and harry potter tonight final movie bringing out the muggles. wgn news @ 9 the potential is always there something we have to realize in defense mode >> four time up and they're charged again accused of trying to lure a child to his vehicle rest shined a light on the system that allows him to have freedom to prowl the streets allegedly. top story accused this time of preying on a 12 year old boy on going tribune
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of investigation >> jeffrey jewitt and registered sex offender already on 30 months probation but police believe that the not stop them from trying to prey on children again. a tribune investigation uncovered his case not long ago that the father of one of his victims to plead for tougher penalties. latest unrest likely spark that plea yet again. not long ago 29 year-old jeffrey jewitt sat down with mark suppelsa at the time he appeared remorseful of exposing himself to children already convicted four times. >> it did i feel guilty gas obviously that was true but it was done at that point exactly what you have to deal with >> the interview less than seven months ago now charged yet again this time in elmwood park july 5th, police say a 12 year old boy was riding his bike jeffrey jewitt pulled up next to him
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saying he was the boys' mothers cousin and if you wanted a ride to days later police say jeffrey jewitt was back the story similar to what we saw in this surveillance video from years ago jeffrey jewitt speeding forward to block an 11 year-old girls path and then hitting reverse to take off after her despite the video and the convictions jeffrey jewitt appeared to have turned the corner when he sat down with wgn in the december >> how do you doubt it is not going to happen again that is the question that way you are always on defense mode it is hard to say the potential is always there something you have to realize that when you are always on defense mode >> the case one of 530 the chicago tribune dug up in any investigation looking into the punishment for sex offenders over a two and a half year. over
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30 prosecutions and of those only 7 spent time behind bars >> please tell us this is incredible crime to investigate often at talking about an event that happens in the blink of an eye, to a young person who may or may not have the wherewithal to remember a license plate number or communicate accurately to the police what they do recollect >> talk of trying to toughen up the punishment for sex offenders but not any clear action taken jeffrey jewitt sitting in jail waiting for his bond hearing tomorrow >> 8 rebar forest woman murdered the plot to kill her today river forest woman former police officer behind it details >> a pretty woman with a married boyfriend former police officer who police say kenter killed in this river forest parking lot monday night allegedly had his
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son and another man should her because she was pressuring him to beat his wife for her >> she did not deserve it >> a new chervon alexander since she was a baby lived across the street on north mayfield chicago's west side and block nobody wanted to talk much about the story or the suspect >> all three defendants all charged with first-degree murder >> river forest police say the 39 year old senior former north chicago police officer called 911 from the scene acted like a witness but things fell apart a short time later >> son and defriended arrested within minutes driving away from the crime scene >> i rested with a gun at police are bested the senior drive-in chervon alexander to the forest river parking lot and took to the waited for them to take over power outage shrouded the parking lot and darkness looking
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different during daylight, a fairly busy place you can eat easy to understand why some area residents are reacting to the news the way they are >> earlier in the evening and area full of young children >> clearly the most scary for those quietly creeping chervon alexander death >> a great woman should not have gone like that is not right >> an angry family looking plant answers and restitution tonight after they say their house was trashed during a raid by police the jones family tells officers kicked in their door early this morning frightening everyone in the house especially the children tonight windows broken and clothes and other belongings are everywhere the police said they had a warrant to search the home the jones family says they have done nothing wrong >> they never mentioned at a rest never mentioned anybody in
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the house if they found anything i did not i didn't think they just walked out the door >> do you think they are not telling the truth they want to make a mistake and to do not want to admit they came to the wrong house >> the jones family wants the police to fix the broken windows at cape of the damages they say officers told them to call 311 for help they are doing that but nobody there will talk to them >> monster storm on monday it still being felt here is the latest from com ed, a fraction of customers who lost power on monday 700 customers in the south, 6700 in the west and 800 in the city. com ed and central >> in a busy place no doubt about that of the 58,000 customers still without power that you mentioned almost all
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of them in the northern region none of them too happy about the status tonight keep this in mind com ed said i had the scheduled opening by midnight on friday all customers will be back on line, hundreds of out of state workers are helping to get their job done using the parking lot as their area, a command post is set up home base for those out of state crews as well as local com ed crews totaling 850 from georgia and alabama florida and the midwest com ed says 50 mi. of wire placed at 30 polls the result of 18,000 lightning strikes and wind gusts reaching 80 mi. per hour on monday plenty of customers without electricity at this hour com ed feel that over 1 billion calls following the storm people in the region may be part of the unfortunate area still forced to
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wait one more day for power again 95 percent of all outages supposed to be fixed by midnight tonight everybody else should keep figures crossed that tomorrow night that will have power >> coming up a massive show of support for an army ranger injured during a tour of duty in afghanistan and why it drew peterson is so upset about a made-for-tv movie about his life and a sizzling weekend in store for chicago tom skilling telling us about a spike in temperatures coming soon.
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pay - start with $5 and a little down then pay the rest over 8 weeks. now that's kmart smart! wgn news @ 9 high stakes politics taking place in the nation's capital no agreement on what to do about the debt ceiling at more finger- pointing today >> all across capitol hill warnings a default could hit the country >> a terrible outcome >> warning to default would hurt you >> the damage to the united states dollar would cost the average american family more than $1,500 a immediately >> leaders met for 80 minutes to date that straight day of talks in the same room pappa to put them on the same page senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says president obama
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>> gave us three bad choices higher taxes smoke and mirrors or default >> democrats and republican eric cantor then things up calling for a short-term extension of the debt ceiling president obama about to be dealt >> all but one person really has not made any concessions of all of the eight-nine people in the room and that is eric cantor majority leader >> any suggestion that a role that eric is played in the beating has been anything less than helpful is wrong the lack of a deal has wall street on edge investor services said it may put the united states bond rating on review rising possibility congress will not meet the august 2nd deadline >> we are not going to default >> no movement by tomorrow towards significant deficit reduction the focus will shift to raising the debt ceiling and never call still hedging on the
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elusive broad consensus >> she provided love and comfort in good times and bad that is how former first lady betty ford was remembered today at her final year ross service in grand rapids michigan laid to rest alongside late husband former president gerald ford at his presidential museum, former president bill clinton and former vice president dick cheney attended the service betty ford was 93 years old. and injured at soldier receives a hero's welcome from family and friends, more on a homecoming for sgt brad hojack jr. in oak lawn in a bit. >> ollie called for bordet's back to georgia for his family not enough time >>hug him i 'll have to share >> fighting and afghanistan and
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march 23rd year old are your major shot several times in his lower body fractured his pelvis steps femur and injured his abdomen still has at long road of rehabilitation i had an >> when he left with the deployment of the first time ever i made a comment to my wife that i felt this feels weird >> what is here to the subject is coming home to a welcome like this >> is it too much for me, i am a humble guy nobody in my line of work does anything like that but it is appreciated >> firefighter other family members in the military hojek escorted in a limousine by police vehicles to his parents' oaklawn holmby >> then keep your servant and the sacrifice >> army rangers walked through a sea of american flags and shook hands with veterans. very emotional.
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>> welcome home >> oaklawn the army major had an honor after honor we both like to say thank you for your service to the great nation and welcome home. for brad hojek because and six graduate of oaklawn high school and it would warrior more than he ever imagined. for his family is it the best day they could have asked for. >> we are the lucky ones i am blessed i am blessed i have my son that there is a benefit for sgt hojek on sunday on the south side is expected to be a great party with another huge turnout >> wonderful thing, great story, things left of the future do technology changing the face of plastic surgery coming up and just under three hours of waiting for harry potter fans preview of the eighth and final movie next.
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snack. two. salty sweet snacks get eaten. and three. i'd prefer her versus "hungry eyes" over here. ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ [ male announcer ] salty. sweet. and impossible to resist. somebody get this guy a bowl of nuts or something, please. ♪ ♪ wgn news @ 9 the night harry potter fans have been waiting for the final installment of the series hitting the screen tonight a big hit entertainment critic wgn at the theater tonight, dean richards >> one of the stars here we talk to them i covered all of the harry potter opening night's midnight screening i have never seen in the lobby here as busy as it is here tonight the fans
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have really come out and some fans relate some fans have come out professor doubledumbledore is here things did not work out so well for you in this movie i hear >> i hear i live forever and harry potter dies aah haha >> you need to see the end of the movie these are all fans who grew up with the movie for 10 years older tonight but still just as enthusiastic >> something to do on thursday night go to the premier >> potter heads first in line watching old movies on their laptops, part of the 6000 sold out fans $32 million in advance ticket sales why did dance dress up and come up with the first shot went on the final
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installment? >> a guiding force of morality i have got to the midnight showing all of them this is what i do every year, >> the first book that i really deeply got into the level i got into that >> need to be here every night waiting in line if you are a true fan >> this is my first one i am so excited >> chicago playing host to a pivotal character actor matthew lewis aka neville longbottom >> it is incredible reminds you how important it is the people and i guess it just sort of like that has the affect allows me to say goodbye to see all of these people enjoying the felt it is an amazing feeling a great sendoff to come here and i hope i hope when they go and there is the felt they deserved >> all of the talk this week
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about you personally the actor the break out guy the sexy one of the whole bunch you read all of this year but what i am talking about what does that mean to you? >> obviously it is though dr. barack is this frustrating it is not what i thought what happened when i cannot hear not the intention but is very nice i think everyone has gone slightly crazy because of the harry potter film, now they are delirious so we will see what happens in a few weeks' time >> sounded like one of the beatles can add to the peter when he walked and the place went absolutely wild, matthew will be live with us tomorrow on the wgn morning news and studio at 7:45 a.m. i have seen the movie do not want to give anything away but it is a spectacular movie i rarely get out a + deans list is a
9:22 pm
fantastic story beautifully made performances are great much more detailed review tomorrow on the wgn morning news i hope you all enjoy the movie sorry for the way it turns out for lord voldemort but we will have more tomorrow dean richards wgn news back to you >> we want to hear from you do you plan on seeing the final movie this weekend? text yes or no to 97999 vote online results after the seven day forecast >> coming up the alarming results of a new study about race and traffic stops how to get the perfect face just a click of the mouse the latest technology making plastic surgery a little bit easier.
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rod blagojevich back in court tomorrow to resolve the terms of his bond convicted on 17 corruption counts attorneys convinced the judge to let him go free on bail in exchange for putting his house and another building up for collateral so poteet property appraisal and other paperwork on the second building not filed in court lawyers also asking a judge for permission to speak with the jurors on the last trial defense attorneys often interview jurors as they prepare for possible appeals. minorities are more likely to get tickets and have vehicles searched during a traffic stops than whites state officials examined traffic stops in 2010 they found 63 percent of the time minorities received tickets while whites got them 55 percent of the time also said and hispanics were slapped with tickets 65 percent of the time blacks and asians 62 percent of the time and a statement the director of the illinois state police said illinois state police did not encourage tolerate or condone the use of
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racial profiling at any level. i am committed to completing a thorough review of the data so we fairly and accurately examine the results. coming up about to get very steamy around here back into the nineties in a few days with storms on the way tom skilling forecast is next. it's time to rethink pet food, how it's made and how it keeps your pet healthy and active. innova is the leader in holistic pet food made with natural high-quality proteins, whole grains and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots to give your pet more out of every ingredient. and we make innova the way you'd make it, with everything they need and nothing they don't. innova is pet food made right, so you can feed them right.
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wgn news @ 9
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prime time for heat >> boy you got it, exactly true heat on the way a couple days away 8 states under excessive heat warnings in the plains and the weather service office now and link in and davenport taken the extraordinary measure up putting on excessive heat watch already started sunday running through thursday of next week wanted to share this with you from our friend from of vernon hills captured these raise those rays that come out of the brakes and the clouds isn't that interesting? at sacred heart school and lombard a bizaar going on rainbow over that today cool shot from kevin sheeley jay
9:30 pm
thanks for your shot a beautiful day today mariners ready for the race this weekend tail wind all the way beautiful clear clouds forming a debate in nice day showers are flirting with parts of the area, sprinkled on the northwest suburbs but it looks like the big story the developing belt of hot aidome of hot air thunderstorms may ride a northwest jet stream on the front side of the heat primarily tomorrow night we will keep an eye on that storms developing sometimes they're right over the bridge this dome of hot air turn southeast in our area that may happen tonight we could have a sprinkle, eastern wisconsin, northern suburbs the
9:31 pm
big stuff this stuff out west heat and humidity extreme weather service indicating massive heat wave, 39 of lower 48 states 90 degree territory early next week, clouds in area through morning filtered sun rest of the day vanguard clouds into thunderstorms may come in tomorrow night 100s kansas and oklahoma extended into the arctic regions north still 92 in oklahoma city, we are beautiful at 73 degrees 83 return to 80s after a break 90s by saturday afternoon, 8 degrees warmer
9:32 pm
tonight at 24 hours ago but the dome of warmth building goodbye to air in north woods and warm the entire midwest by the time this week is over, red pink areas excessive heat 1 x thunderstorm watch warning areas wild fire advisory and parts of nevada mo ahead to the weekend and next week whether service already issued excessive heat advisories or watches they may be upgraded to advisories closer to the warm air spell that is, again the hottest of the summer by all indications. wind blowing off of the lake they will one more day tomorrow moderate the temperature, the wind is east and northeast humidity 49%. moderate values of grass and
9:33 pm
weed pollen. it branched coming south, we will see if the storms and montana right around the bridge, to the area tomorrow night, if they do it will not be all around for long scattered part of the day saturday before the dome of air become so oppressive and hot and reaches support in the atmosphere vertically that we turned off the precipitation, there are going to be big storms to the north these areas and read may see 3 in. rain in some areas pretty impressive rains we will show you just like last night in minnesota today '70s across the metro area if you were near the lake mid '80s and led already starting to warm up a lovely night 73 degrees at o'hare airport 69 degrees at the lake, there is the view from buffalo grove spring plan and not us at redwood falls some of the showers and thunderstorms but that the brain and minnesota
9:34 pm
last night storms can do showing you what they can do when they flare up as the hot air rushes back into the area, where storms across a beer tomorrow storm prediction center in the area creeping water east storms forming their at southeastward tomorrow night. perhaps a brief encounter with the area not at all weekend of rain thunderstorms saturday and will be scattered to be. that will be dry wind off of the lake through saturday lightly not much penetration and cooling the rain down to 50%, that is how much 50 percent of the normal quality in the northern suburbs we can use rant if we are going to get it will be saturday sunday is hot and capped up to 96, 10 day forecast national weather service forecast system model the key to expanding running up into the 90s in the southern canada by the time we get to the end of
9:35 pm
the weekend covering real- estate we will play the rest of the animation on the update as we check the seven day forecast, partly cloudy tonight chance of a shower or to a very spotty and light low temperature of 64 degrees tomorrow could be clouds a brief shower early high of 85 degrees tomorrow night clouds gusty thunderstorms writing the northwest jet stream into the area saturday partly cloudy eyes lit by the storm chance low and mid '80s at the beaches and mid-90s forecasted sunday and monday turning the storms off at that time going to be very warm twist in the seven day forecast we will explain in a few minutes >> even after weighing in on who should play him in the movie drew peterson says to cancel the show and not one but two marines
9:36 pm
asking hollywood stars for the big dance who says yes who is backing out at to has an answer just yet.
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tonight's medical watch using software from star wars to change the face of plastic and reconstructive surgery recreated bowed under the skin to make way for a smoother surgery and the sleeker appearance the perfect face may not just be in a magazine any more now with the click of a mouse movement towards better plastic and reconstructive surgery high technology the brainchild of facial surgeon software to help in the house very difficult job of reconstructing it face after a catastrophic accident or illness or bald cancer >> take years significant bone deformities as a result of that coming into play making preparations as far as where it will end up based on bulbs and it didn't deface >> using three-dimensional scanned images plugged into a
9:40 pm
new model surgeons can go inside the ball seeing exactly where it needs to slide in order to stretch scan over the face >> moving at a different percentage more or less on the cheek or the chanda compared to the upper lip based on the lip of the bond >> the scan is what patients can see needs to be perfectly placed >> not looking at the underlying bone structures the goal to manipulate bone which would then have a subsequent affect on the soft tissue goal ultimately to achieve symmetry the best possible results for every patient >> can include those seeking a better cosmetic outcome a young girl or even of parents >> so far only used on images and out perfected and ready for payment >> coming up snag a hollywood star and now word comes might have to cancel a bid co-star
9:41 pm
asked by another marine to the same dance a judge for yourself good enough to get justin timberlake to show up? coming up at the north side there's returning to wrigley field chicago cubs all stars later in sports. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters since time began. not anymore. ♪ ♪ fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies is a nicely designed package. ♪ ♪ now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle.
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former major league all-star roger clemens had held today perjury trial over after one day judge declared a mistrial lied after oath for using steroids and other drugs banned by major league baseball, judge ruled inadmissible to except >> drew peterson warning hollywood not to keep the one with made-for-tv movie about the suspected murderer legal action as soon as tomorrow they say the movie tentatively called the drew peterson story aka the lady killer nothing more than character assassination and would prejudice any potential jury pool, warning the producers and also actor rob lowe who would portray drew peterson
9:45 pm
charged with killing his third wife and suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife >> and marine flipping the script on actor justin timberlake still waiting to hear from the actor after being asked to be date at the military ball >> i am going to call you out and come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12th >> you might remember earlier justin timberlake convinced actress mila kunis to agree to a date with a marine who asked during an interview justin timberlake urged him to do it with a country she said yes but might not be able to make it because of a movie making conflict the lady marine hopes he will do it for his country and take her to the ball >> ohr leer magic and mixing it up in the seven day forecast what you have in mind? >> they want wildcard a potential passage went for the date of eastern off of the late on tuesday other than that we
9:46 pm
have an uninterrupted stream of nineties on the way not evident to get a beautiful day to 82 degrees the high today at 73 right now 80s all of the late north in the 90s today here you see thunderstorms riding up over a bridge out of the dakota montana at nebraska may wrap around by way of minnesota wisconsin coming down with a thunderstorm tomorrow night here you can see the process at work out the storm clusters by morning moving into the upper midwest start southeastward not carrying through all of the way showing the things developing and get into a dusty wind northwest low thunderstorms moving through time up to sunday there storm clusters the model popping a couple on sunday interesting to see if that works out here is a look at the way the hot dome expanded as
9:47 pm
promised looking out expansive that is pretty amazing going well into next week the seven day forecast calling from tomorrow 85 with low 80's at the beaches and at 90 on saturday made 80s at the beaches on saturday southeast wind under way at 1130 a m six-7 mi. per hour tailwind all the way up to the island from the south 96 degrees hot sticky mostly sunny with cumulus clouds thunderstorm conceivable but monday thunderstorm perhaps late at night wind coming off the lake and the wind going southwest the key to a blast furnace intensity wednesday and thursday not inconceivable we can try again at 100 degrees somewhere wednesday thursday before it gets colder this week kept popping up will hear more about it >> a police dispatcher laid to
9:48 pm
rest and news of the elgin o'ha re suppress will make a 92 said sunday 109 year old bright personality, chicago tribune photos of the day:
9:49 pm
coming up a familiar tournament and unfamiliar leader board british open up for grabs and baseball second half officially underway highlights next in sports. [ female announcer ] o is for olive, who lacked self-control. she took mommy's temptations... ♪ ♪ she's polishing coal. ♪ ♪ new
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something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. football news late breaking news tonight earlier tonight lead in the year and i doubt it rankles rookie wage scale to include four year deals for all first year draft picks lot of ground to cover bears scheduled to open camp would be up tomorrow does not look like that will happen cubs back at the ranch soto of all that
9:53 pm
night with the marlins and town marlon byrd homerun solo home run 1-0 cubs garza did not need more out of trouble in the fourth 5-4-3 double play no earned runs given up, chicago cubs added 97 the hard way hit with the bases loaded in the ninth marmol up bases loaded with no one out starlin castro back rich king more >> back home at wrigley field but a few stars and big rig in the eyes of cubs all star castro gained a valuable experience big crowd the best in the game >> teammates learned a lot veteran players
9:54 pm
>> 4 mike quade all-star game a dream come true but when he reached the airport return flight to chicago stop for 40 minutes by airport security >> you hear about it but fall pat down many areas been a long three days >>fortunately i was never they did not miss my flight >> said he never got a full explanation of what he was detained but understands the need for thorough security at airports at wrigley field rich king wgn news @ 9 >> marmol just gave up the lead in 9th 3-2 florida now all of these at which royal st. george's and let welcoming the british open after eight year hiatus a lot of plants typical for the open championship at what happened not so ordinary how about the twin putts from
9:55 pm
ricky fowler and john daley on the first hole, each from 60 ft. right to the bottom 70 @ 72 for each of them and they 65 for thomas bjorn birdied 16, sharing 20 year-old amateur tom list all of the shots a birdie at 17 board and a row lowest round ever by an amateur lowest ever recorded in golf, dustin johnson told and whahole in one buying drinks for everybody back but a great job guy five's from everybody did was pretty cool specially to have what that is my first one and a major critical >> i was happy to shoot 65 on
9:56 pm
the first stage at lot way to go a long way to go to be happy >> pretty happy right now if it was me playing with tom watson and shot a 65 dead the first round of the british the nba with about 114 employees says none of it is lockout related and although the blackhawks play short this year they did find solace in the fact that vancouver did not win the cup >> not going to lie to you i was sharing for boston i was excited by that hopefully they come back tired next year >> he cut his hair i will tell you huge patrick kane beefed up, spending the summer and the weight room >> the nfl getting closer trying
9:57 pm
to get the season started on time not the preseason but the regular season >> for they get to camp >> that is the news happy you shared time with us have a great night.
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